Why are real estate agents needed?

A lot of other people do not trust realtors and do not really understand what a realtor brings to the table which they cannot do for themselves. It is an understandable reaction. Agents are despised or loved.

OKC House Company has real estate agents with exceptional customer service skills & extensive housing knowledge in the Oklahoma City areas.


Do you need a listing agent to Sell a Home?

As a home seller, you might stumble upon your very own buyer, but the real issue and concern is might a local realtor have helped you to achieve a much better deal on your property? Much depends upon the real estate market. In hot home selling seasons, nearly anyone can hammer a for-sale sign in the yard and attract offers.

In buyer’s markets, you’ll find fewer buyers, that makes a realtor’s services worth more. If you do not hire an agent, you might be losing coverage to 80% of the purchasing population. Listing agents add value to every transaction. Unless of course you regularly attend every open house in your area, you might not possess intimate info regarding the inside of your neighboring houses nor know why some sold for greater costs than others. Experienced agents have the knowledge and utilize it to position your home to sell at the greatest possible cost.

Top Oklahoma City broker companies can offer the following realtor services:

High-end marketing materials with proven sales strategies
Professional virtual tours and photography
Wide Internet exposure to all home marketplaces (such as zillow, trulia, etc)
Promotion at business meetings and MLS listings
Networking with fellow realtors & broker houses
Price assistance relating to market information and latest sales history
Home stagers
Inspector and restoration company recommendations
Buyer feedback and private screenings
Confirmation of prospective buyer qualifications
Counter offer and negotiation experience

Buyer’s Agents work with the buyer and Not the Seller.

Here are a number of the services you may expect to get from the buyer’s agent that you may not be capable to obtain on one’s own. Aside from hearing about the listings before houses are accessible to the public, brokers may:

Provide equivalent sales from the tax rolls
Provide sales information from MLS dependent on map searches
Pull property profiles highlighting sales history, property information, demographics and neighborhoods
Get a copy of the home historic documents
Run reports on listing broker list cost to sales price ratios
Calculate yearly details and developments about a place
Suggest pricing approach
Review of paperwork for loopholes and acquire disclosures
Provides a barrier between you and the vendor broker

Don’t keep yourself guessing and losing out on potential profits and overall better deals. Get yourself a real estate expert with extensive knowledge of Oklahoma City’s housing market.

Someone from our offices, OKC House Company, would love to help!

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