Let Our Real Estate Experts Sell Your Home… Quickly!

We sell your home with 6 simple steps.

1. Book your FREE In-Home Valuation

We meet you in-home at a time of your choosing and begin your home’s valuation.  By performing a thorough analysis, we document everything needed for assessing an accurate valuation.  We then use multiple tools & software in determining the maximum value for your listing.

2. We guide you through our seamless marketing & sales process

We have an insane reach for your property listing!  We promote your property to 180+ real estate marketplaces (such as Zillow.com, etc.).  We get it listed immediately on the OKlahoma City MLS so other realtors are aware of a new possible match for their buyers.  And we also push it through to our advertising mediums (like big social networks)!

3. Let’s get your home-listing created & online ASAP

After making us your realtor, we setup a convenient time to come back and gather the creative digital media we need for your new online listing such as:  photography, virtual tours, video, floor plans, and any additional property details we all see fit to make it successful.  We process all this information and prepare your listing within 1-3 days.  Before publishing, we get a final approval from you ensuring satisfaction with what possible home buyers will be seeing.  Finally, your home listing goes over to our online marketing system for launch.

4. We schedule viewings & collect feedback for you

During our visit in Step 3, we’ll talk about the best days & times to arrange viewings in your home for potential buyers (if occupied).  Each time we show your house, we gather feedback which will be documented, stored, and emailed to you directly.  This is important in understanding how the local market is evaluating your home and helps you determine if any changes to the property should be made before future viewings.  Homeowners love being kept in the loop and it’s our job to keep you well-informed & involved.  We value your opinion just as much as our buyers.

5. Receive an offer!

Once you receive an offer your realtor will be there to complete the formalities and verify the buyer is financially ready to proceed with closing.  We work with both parties involved to get the best deal possible.  Again, you are kept well-informed at every crucial step in the offer process.

6. And finally, we will walk you through every step of the closing process

Even though an offer is in and you’ve begun the closing-process, we will continue to stay in touch with you and answer any questions you may have during this time.  We also inform you when/where the closing location will be and anything else you need to know or be aware of.